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Korpiklaani (FIN)

Folk metal superstars KORPIKLAANI will be hitting European stages once again with Dutch folk metallers HEIDEVOLK; all will be presenting new songs. This great folk metal line-up will be completed by trve Norwegian balkan metallers TROLLFEST

Heidevolk (NL)
Trollfest (NOR)

Dienstag, 6. März 2018, 18:00 UHR, Saal
VA: Rockhouse-Bar
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The foundation of Korpiklaani in 2003 in Lahti, Finland brought the traditional folk music back to life. No one could have foreseen that such a large audience would be interested in Finnish and English mythological texts.
The Folk Metal band rose up from the ashes of the former act Shaman and released their debut ''Sprit Of The Forest'' in November 2003 via Napalm Records. Korpiklaani quickly prepared and recorded a new album called ''Voice Of Wilderness'' which came out in January 2005.
Their third album ''Tales Along This Road'' was released the next year, followed by a successful promotion tour through Europe. The band kept on untiringly working on new songs, took part to the Wacken Open Air in 2006 and released both DVD and album ''Tervaskanto'' in 2007.
After a few sessions in studio came out the album ''Korven Kuningas'' in 2008. A music video to the song ''Keep On Gallopping'' was shot and broadcast on different channels.
Even in 2009, the band didn't lazy and released their sixth album ''Karkelo''.
After some tours and appearances in festivals, the album ''Ukon Wacka'' was published in February 2011 under the label Nuclear Blast.
One year and a half after the previous release ''Ukon Wacka'' came the workaholics back from their refuge in the Finnish forests to bring us into a fascinating trip in the underworld. Alongside Tuomas Rounakari, successor of former fiddler Jaakko Lemmetty, and his impressive violinist skills, Korpiklaani proudly reveal''Manala'' their eighth studio album. The summarized story of Jonne gives a good of the concept behind the album: 'Manala' is the land of the dead, the Finnish underworld. This place has been mentionned several times in the finnish national epic 'Kalevala', which is the basis of many songs. In the 16th Kalavala's poem called 'Väinämöinen', a shamanic hero travels into the Manala in order to acquire knowledge from the dead. He meets there a girl named 'Tuonen tytti' or 'Tuonen piika' (maid of the dead), who will make him cross the river Tuoni. However, he does not find on the island Tuoni the spells he was looking for, and could only just escape. Now, the shaman curses every survivor who tries to enter the underworld.
As special gift for every fan outside their homeland, Korpiklaani released the original finnish version of ''Manala'' with a bonus CD including the album in English in August 2012.
The band came back once again from the Finnish forests in May 2015 to deliver their new effort ''Noita''. It is the first album featuring newcomer Sami Perttula and his accordion, after Juho Kauppinen left the band. As well as fiddler Tuomas Rounakari, Sami was very involved in folk arrangements. The album was once again recorded at the Petrax Studios with producer Aksu Hanttu.



Few could have envisioned the bright future that the Norns had in store for HEIDEVOLK back in 2002. Since its inception in Arnhem (the Netherlands) thirteen years ago, HEIDEVOLK came, saw, and conquered stages throughout Europe with their very own brand of folk metal. Instantly recognizable dual clean male vocals and irresistibly catchy songs have ignited the pagan fire in the souls of many on the continent. They deliver their songs on divine matters and profane pleasures with equal integrity, fueled by a folkloric fire and pagan pride. With a repertoire ranging from epic to raging, captivating live shows and an undying desire to perform, HEIDEVOLK has become a familiar face Europe and North America. HEIDEVOLK stands for an uncompromising attitude, intense shows, and the transcendence of barriers between performer and audience… even if your Dutch sucks!In 2005, HEIDEVOLK released its first CD, “De strijdlust is geboren”, followed by the “Wodan Heerst” EP in 2007. Both releases were re-released on one CD by Napalm Records in 2008. The sophomore full-length CD ‘Walhalla Wacht’ (Napalm Records) also saw its worldwide release in 2008. The internationally well received and more mature third full-length, “Uit oude grond” (2010), set a new standard. With their folkish roots and raw energy combined HEIDEVOLK made their most varied release so far. The more powerful and aggressive concept album about the revolt of the Batavian tribe against the Roman Empire, BATAVI (2012), was released two years later. BATAVI opened new doors for the band with their much anticipated and highly successful first North American tour as a direct result (PAGANFEST MEX/USA/CAN). Now, 3 years later HEIDEVOLK presents you with their most epic and melodic album yet. The stunning masterpiece: VELUA.With VELUA, the band accompanies you on a journey through a world of myths and legends set against the backdrop of the most beautiful part of nature in the Netherlands and namesake of this album, the Veluwe.
VELUA brings you the wondrous, gruesome and weird tales about murderous brigands, deceiving wraiths, cursed souls and evil-minded goblins that roam the woods at night. Along with this dark folklore it sings the praises of the undying beauty of nature and the embers of early pagan traditions.

With 11 songs, ranging from fast “in your face” metal to heavy folk hymns, HEIDEVOLK has maintained their tradition of giving the listener a variety of songs that each tells a tale of its own. Grooving drums, blistering guitars and the trademark dual clean male vocals guide you through the album. The atmosphere is raised to new heights by the melodic guitar parts, broad choir vocals and the addition of a string quartet. All these elements are intertwined and connected throughout the album to make this a rock solid piece of HEIDEVOLK heritage.

A twelfth song was added as a bonus track and tribute to their fans around the globe. The English song “VINLAND” describes the journey to North America made by Leif Eriksson. A journey for new territories and experiences… a journey not unfamiliair to HEIDEVOLK themselves. The limited edition of the album adds three classic rock & roll songs of the 70s and 80s to the track list. The songs are selected by the band for various reasons, the main reason being: because they rock!!!

Join HEIDEVOLK on their journey through the sylvan halls of VELUA or lose yourself in a maddening chase for the will-o’-wisp.



One weekend in 2003, in Oslo, Norway, a bunch of goons became bored with the selection of party music that was available to them, and, helped along by the consumption of large quantities of alcohol, the soon-to-be members of TrollfesT decided to take matters into their own hands. One website and six songs later, a German label, which at the time was called Solistium, recognised the potential in the madness and got in touch. With the immortal words “what the heck, let’s give it a go” TrollfesT agreed to a deal and started writing new material. By 2005 “Willkommen Folk tell Drekka Fest!!” hit the streets. And life as we know it was never the same again.

Containing a selection of sounds and comments, many of which you would not necessary come across if you only frequented polite parties, “Willkommen…” displayed some unique qualities that caught people’s attention and consequently sold rather a lot of copies, so a deal for a second album was signed and in 2006 the story of Brakebein the Troll was released. “Brakebein” (not a bad choice for a title really given its subject matter), appeared in two versions - one that included a cartoon illustrating Brakebein’s voyage, and the other that included the lyrics.

During the first years, TrollfesT never actually played live, but nevertheless the two albums succeeded in making the band a sought after addition to festivals, and the first foray beyond the planning stage occurred in 2007 as one of the headlining bands at the Ninth Barther Metal Open Air Festival. TrollfesT then went on to headline and play various festivals and concerts around Europe during 2007/08 including the Ragnarök and Riedfest festivals.

January 2009 saw the release of TrollfesT’s third studio album “Villanden”. A much-anticipated underground album according to feedback from the fans, “Villanden” was quickly acknowledged as one of the craziest albums to have been released in a very long time, mixing, as it did, European Balkan music with extreme metal, and spread rapidly through the viral networks like YouTube, MySpace and Facebook.

So how would anyone, in their right mind, or otherwise, dare to define TrollfesT? The closest you would come is probably True Norwegian Balkan Black Metal, but even then you would need to include influences from lots more genres. The best way to put it is that this band is all about alcohol, joy and music, three subjects that draw in fans from all ages and genres, eager to listen to TrollfesT’s records and witness the exuberant and skilled live performances.