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Mournful Congregation (AUS)

Ophis (GER)
Shores Of Null (IT)

Donnerstag, 6. Dezember 2018, 20:00 UHR, Bar
VA: Rockhouse-Bar
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Mournful Congregation

Formed in 1993 for the purpose of creating and delivering Extreme Doom Metal upon this earth. Macrocosmic Doom for Microcosmic Beings.



Ophis are Simon Schorneck (guitars, add. vocals) / Philipp Kruppa (vocals, guitars) / Steffen Brandes (drums) / Oliver Kröplin (bass) Simon was previously playing in CRIMSON SWAN and EMBERCROW. He is currently also in FVNERAL FVKK and VOIDHAVEN. He joined Ophis in early 2016.Philipp is the sole remaining founding member of the band. Between 2001 and 2003 he even was the only band-member, running Ophis as a solo-project, before returning to the four-piece approach. He was previously playing in RAIN OF ASHES and also a member of FÄULNIS between 2011 and 2013. He is currently also in FVNERAL FVKK and VOIDHAVEN. Philipp also performed guest vocals on records of CRIMSON SWAN and TRESPASSING as well as live guest-performances with SAKRAMORTEM and FÄULNIS. He used to work as a local promoter for Metal-shows in Hamburg.Steffen was previously playing in DISSOULED. He is currently also in CRYPTIC BROOD and REPULSIVE FEAST, joining Ophis in summer 2016. He is a well-known show promoter in the Wolfsburg-area and also operates independent record label LYCANTHROPIC CHANTS, mainly specializing in tape-releases for old-school Death Metal bands. Oliver was previously playing in DECEPTIVE SILENCE. He currently is also in FVNERAL FVKK. He joined Ophis in 2008 after their first proper tour and has been the longest serving member except Philipp to date.

Shores Of Null

are a Rome-based metal band formed in 2013 waving the flag of sorrow in the now vibrant Doom metal scene.Their music is a wistful-yet-powerful cascade of riffs, overwhelmingly heavy and soothing at the same time, trading off between gothic-doom vibes and blackened aggression, with epic melancholy-ridden vocal patterns.
The band inked a deal with Candlelight Records and released the highly acclaimed debut "Quiescence”, praised by worldwide metal press as one of the best metal records of 2014
(Terrorizer UK 9/10, Scream Magazine NO 6/6, Dead Rhetoric USA 9,5/10, Metal Temple GR 9/10, Ave Noctum USA 8,5/10, Twilight Magazine DE 13/15, Metal Riot USA 4/5). It has been described as majestic, enthralling and sombre, a profoundly dark and dire album both musically and lyrically, forging a seamless and overflowing blending of genres into a boiling pot of multi-layered sounds.
Intense live promotional activity has followed: three European tours (with Novembre/Isole, Hooded Menace/Mourning Beloveth and Doomraiser), several Italian tours (with Primordial, Moonsorrow, Saturnus, Negura Bunget, Harakiri For The Sky amongst others) and appearances at Inferno Festival (NO), Eindhoven Metal Meeting (NL), Candlefest and Doom Over London (UK), Metal Over Malta (MT), The End Of The Third Day (ES), Doom Over Greece (GR), Doom Over Sofia (BG).

Time is ripe for a new album in 2017: "Black Drapes For Tomorrow". The title leaves no room for misinterpretations; Shores Of Null are back with a burden of gloom and darkness. The entire recording, mixing and mastering process has been entrusted once again to Marco Mastrobuono at Kick Recording Studio (Fleshgod Apocalypse, Hour Of Penance).