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Frontierer (Scotland and The USA)

Before Us All (AT)

Dienstag, 9. Juli 2019, 19:30 UHR, Bar
VA: Rockhouse-Bar
PREISE Vorverkauf: 12,00€Abendkassa: 15,00€


"Perhaps the world’s harshest math-metal band in the wake of Dillinger Escape Plan’s retirement, this Scottish splatter-calculus crew upped the ante with blown-out production and guitar squiggles that sound like Melt-Banana’s laser noises." - Rolling Stone

"Sounds Like: The world's ugliest math problem" - Rolling Stone "Artists You Need To Know 2016"

"Frontierer play a mash-up of old-school deathcore (the good kind) and spastic grind, sort of like if Ion Dissonance and The Red Chord had a pajama cuddle party with Dillinger Escape Plan and Psyopus." - MetalSucks

"Scottish spazcore outfit Frontierer would like nothing more than to ruin your day." - Revolver "6 New Songs You Need To Know"

" It’s the type of tightly grid-aligned rhythm section assault that leaves zero room for error but puts everything into unrelenting energy that cannot be stopped or even slowed down." - KillYourStereo

"If you're a fan of chaotic, noisy, borderline deafening metal, then you're going to love this." - Metal Injection

"The audience is completely stunned into submission by the sheer overbearing majesty of the Scottish / American quintet, and patrons stumble out of the room dazed and stupefied but secure in the knowledge they’ve just seen something totally awe-inspiring." - The Independent


Before Us All

BEFORE US ALL [AUT] - Thrashcore from Linz .BUA released their debut album “Revelations” in 2013 which showed that they feel and fit noticeably well in the Austrian metal scene. Those who’re looking for a technically demanding album of a young, unused band, and also places emphasis on a solid production, should listen at the Upper Austrians new record. - Stormbringer.at .Currently BEFORE US ALL is working on a new record which comes out in winter 2019.