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Evangelist (POL)

Children of Doom!
On the nights of 7th and 8th June 2019, Doom shall return to Salzburg and descend upon its faithful congregation once more.
Festivalticket VVK € 44,- / AK € 48,-

Naevus (GER)
Obsidian Sea (BGR)
The Human Condition (GBR)
The Tower (CZE)

Freitag, 7. Juni 2019, 18:00 UHR, Bar
VA: Rockhouse-Bar
PREISE Vorverkauf: 25,00€Abendkassa: 28,00€


This myth-enshrouded Polish band consisting of anonymous members has been in existence since 2008 and released two absolutely essential Epic Doom Metal albums – “In Partibus Infidelium” and “Doominicanes.” Their new masterpiece “Deus Vult” has already gained enthusiastic reviews and is certain to make any Epic Doom fan on the planet praise and extol like Thulsa’s children before His Mountain of Power.Yes, Children of Doom, you can believe your eyes: We have managed to lure Evangelist away from the Holy Land to kindly play one EXCLUSIVE live concert at Seeds of Doom II. Aktuelles Album: „Deus Vult“ (9/10 Punkte im Metal Temple, 9,5/10 Punkte auf powermetal.de).



People who claim that Doom Metal is essentially negative and depressing music haven’t really understood the genre. Nobody proves this better than the next band on this year’s billing of Seeds Of Doom Festival.Formed in 1991, they were very active in the golden years of traditional Doom Metal and were undisputedly part of the Big Four (we’d even say Great Four!) of Swabian Doom Metal – in union with Dawn of Winter, Mirror of Deception and Doomshine.After a hiatus of almost 13 years (which may seem long to the ordinary citizen, but is only the blink of an eye in Doom reckoning) that some members used for some shocking voodoo activities, they reunited in 2012. Four years later, they finally released their excellent second album – a heavy burden in name only – and showed the world how Doom is meant to be played. With a spark of esperance in the murky mists of melancholy.They played at the last ever Doom Shall Rise. They played at Hammer of Doom. We are deeply grateful (and fairly amazed) that they shall play at Seeds Of Doom. First Austrian show in over 20 years.
Aktuelles Album: “Heavy Burden” (8,5 Punkte im Rock Hard) 


Obsidian Sea

The next band on this year’s billing was formed ten years ago, and they have been their country’s leading Doom Metal band ever since.As can be heard on their first two albums “Between Two Deserts” (2012) and “Dreams, Illusions, Obsessions” (2015), they have managed to artfully and infallibly bridge the gaps between classic old-school Doom Metal, Progressive Metal and vintage (Hard) Rock like nobody else, thus creating their own distinctive sound.Their new album “Strangers” – out on Ripple Music on 22nd March – once again delivers totally clever, unique, catchy and yet progressive Doom that is bound to turn some heads and more than satisfy both old school and new school Doomsters.We know they are an excellent and gripping live band as well, and we are extremely satisfied and grateful they are coming all the way to Salzburg to prove it to you all! For the first time in Salzburg.
Aktuelles Album: “Strangers” (erscheint am 22.03.19) 

The Human Condition

The next band on this year’s billing has been in existence since 2010. Grown out of Northern England’s fertile soil of Doom and featuring members of The River and Unsilence (now that should give you a hint at their musical direction), they released their emotional and profound album “The Pathway” on Spanish cult label Topillo Records in 2015. A band in the classic vein of (English) melodic Doom Metal – for fans of Warning, The River, Revelation, Unsilence. Of Mirror of Deception. Of While Heaven Wept even? Either way: expect depth, expect feeling, expect pure and honest Doom.We are more than proud and grateful they are leaving their island for the very first time for an exclusive show at Seeds Of Doom II, before Brexit forms its impenetrable shield wall around Albion. For the first time in Austria/exclusive show. Aktuelles Album: “Pathways” 

The Tower

This band was founded in 2012 and has gained considerable recognition in the investigative underground with their 2015 demo and their split with MÖRKHIMMEL. They stand out as one of the most promising (to say the least) and able young underground bands in the worldwide Doom scene. As they are working on new material, we are extremely looking forward to welcoming them here and listening to their warrior anthems and battle hymns. First ever Austrian show.Aktuelle Veröffentlichung: Split Album mit Mörkhimmel