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Wayfarer (USA)

Entropia (PL)

Sonntag, 21. April 2019, 19:30 UHR, Bar
VA: Rockhouse-Bar
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“World’s Blood” is black metal of the American West. Wayfarer recorded the album in the winter of early 2018 at The Thousand Caves in New York under the watchful production of Colin Marston.A reflection of the Rocky Mountains and high plains of their native Colorado, the band tells a story that is uniquely American. Drawing influence as much from the dusty, dark Americana of the “Denver Sound” and the scores of epic westerns as they do the fury and melody of black metal; Wayfarer brings something original to the table with a sound that is at once aggressive and honest. The album paints a hallucinatory picture of the western frontier, and the haunting presence of the blood in the soils from a culture lost to time.Wayfarer was first brought together in 2012, by a group of Colorado natives. The members of the band aimed to create something original - fierce, beautiful, and honest, in order to contribute back to the pantheon of the great and timeless music that shaped them as people. The founding lineup of Shane McCarthy, Tanner Rezabek, Isaac Faulk and James Hansen released their debut album “Children Of The Iron Age” in 2014, which was later picked up by Prosthetic Records. With the release of the album, the band began what would grow be substantial touring of the material with a strong and memorable live show. Subsequent years would bring touring alongside the likes of Dreadnought, Falls of Rauros, Anicon, Velnias, and Haunter.The second LP “Old Souls” was released in 2016 via Prosthetic and continued the band’s progression to a sound not easily confined by genre tags. With a more refined and decidedly darker album in tow, the band continued to hit the road, performing across the United States, Canada and Mexico. Guitarist and long time collaborator of the band Joey Truscelli officially joined following the release of the record, replacing the departed Tanner Rezabek.“World’s Blood” marks Wayfarer’s debut with Profound Lore Records, as they step into their own in the music underground with their strongest and most fully realized vision. With the LP’s release in late spring of 2018, the year promises to see the band bring their forceful live show to stages all across the world.



Entropia is a Polish psychedelic metal band formed by the collective known as ULTRA back in 2007. Their second album titled "Ufonaut" released in 2016 via Arachnophobia Records garnered much attention in the international music scene and was covered in media such as NO CLEAN SINGING, Rolling Stone, Stereogum and many other outlets, following the success of their debut "Vesper", which is now being regarded as one of the classic albums of the blackgaze genre. They toured in several European countries with bands such as Mgła, Oranssi Pazuzu, Altar of Plagues, Furia and performed on numerous festivals across the continent including Primavera Sound in Barcelona. Being back with their new album „Vacuum”, Entropia develops its acidic formula this time through exploration of the rhythmic repetition in combination with the riffs and overwhelming atmosphere that are the band’s trademark. The result is a mixture of completely opposite worlds in which the instrumental trance and electronics drawing directly from the scene of goa, techno and IDM, as well as from the accomplishments of kraut rock classics, meet alongside the most extreme moments in the band's history. Entropia aims to serve a purpose of a vessel of holistic philosophy based on psychedelic worldview, the key to the understanding of the constant clash of values on path to the Singularity.