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1000Mods (GRE)

The Delayed (GER)

Di, 02.07.2024, 19:00 UHR, Bar
VA: Rockhouse-Bar
PREISE Vorverkauf: 25.00€
Abendkassa: 30.00€


Having risen from smokey basements to packed arenas, children of the now-legendary Greek underground heavy rock scene of the mid 00’s, 1000mods can be considered no less than the most successful Greek rock band of the past decade. It was September of 2011, when “Super Van Vacation” paved the way. The debut full length album of the Greek heavy rock rollercoaster had it all: Heavy low-end guitars, laid-back groovy-as-fuck rhythm section and trippy vocal lines, resulting in what is now considered to be a classic for the European heavy rock scene, as well as a game-changer for Greek rock music which would never be the same again. Bands and fans came and go but 1000mods stood strong, following their dream, leading by example and inspiring an entire generation of musicians. Their second album, titled “Vultures” (2014), continued the “Super Van Vacation” legacy, consisting of some of the band’s most thick grooves to date, as well as the elements that would later be used as raw material for the creation of their unique personalized sound. A sacred pact was cast in stone: The Greek scene would take over and 1000mods would lead the way to it! Praised by fans, as well as by heavy traffic music media outlets around the globe, their third release “Repeated exposure to…” (2016) was considered by many as a masterpiece of the heavy rock scene, and is strongly rumored to be one of the albums that changed the face of European heavy rock music, once and for all. With an ever-growing fan base all around the globe, taking repeatedly European, US and Australian soil by force, due to their relentless touring schedule (having also participated in the biggest European rock & metal festivals), armed with dedication and non-stop commitment, the Greek rock quartet is fairly considered to be the new-found power of the European (some say “worldwide”) rock scene. Being extraordinarily explosive on stage and always delivering material of high quality on record, as far as both songwriting and sound production is concerned, it’s no surprise that 1000mods have managed to create a core of die-hard fans that only grows bigger day-by-day. …Year 2020 changes it all. Their highly anticipated fourth full length album “Youth of Dissent” produced by legend Matt Bayles (Pearl Jam, Mastodon, Isis, Soundgarden etc) breaks the spacetime continuum and achieves the impossible: 1000mods meet their childhood heroes, by performing a time travel to the glorious 90’s, when fused elements of punk rock and heavy metal, changed the face of music industry and lead to the legendary grunge rock explosion. Primitive, original and inspiring, the songwriting of their new release not only is their best to date, but also appears to be inevitably leading to their mighty breakthrough. The best is yet to come.


The Delayed

THE DELAYED are Fabian Pauls, Sebastian Bauer, Philipp Kapella and Martin Hackenberg. Born out of dirt beneath the burning Bavarian summer sun in 2016, THE DELAYED are contineously creating their raw and authentic experience. All band records (released and unreleased) follow at full extent the philosophy of a common music making together as a band, like they did in the end of 60's/early 70's era. Completely dedicated to the rough and real sound of former days. With all the microphone spills/bleeds and with all pros and cons of intuitive performances aiming to create an authentic atmosphere. While in modern music productions this is mostly avoided, in THE DELAYED's case it's a desire to bring back that human element.