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Lividity (USA)

Sacrificial Slaughter (USA)
Devine Defilement (ISL)
Bowel Evacuation (GER)
Bastards Asylum (USA)

Sonntag, 19. Mai 2019, 19:00 UHR, Bar
VA: Rockhouse-Bar
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US porn grinders hailing from Illinois, Lividity and their releases speak volumes of heretic, hatred and whores!! The extremely brutal sound of the early days fused massive influences from Hypocrisy, Bloodfeast, Cannibal Corpse and Obituary into an acidic and breath taking musical mixture. The goal was “the faster the music, the tighter the execution” & “the slower the music, the heavier the tone”… A vicious powerhouse of debauchery, leaving every victim, a pile of carnage, on the ground where they stood. Various festivals and tours including 9 Europe invasions include-- tours ’99 (Fleshless/Sanatorium), ’03 (Master/Damnable/Mastic Scum). ’07 (Master/Imperious Rex), ‘09 (Requiem/Warpath/Nordor) and festivals ’05 Fuck The Commerce (Ger), ’08 Party.San Open Air (Ger), ’09 Obscene Extreme (Cz) & Kaltenbach (A), ’10 Party.San Open Air (Ger) & Mountains Of Death (Swiss) & Barther Open Air (Ger). [Other notable tours and fests-- ’04 single show in Lyss, Switzerland, ’06 USA tour w/ locals, ’09 Canada tour (Blastomycosis/Mortify), ’09 Bogota Death Grind Fest (Col.) as well as earlier years of Central IL. Metal Fests, Milwaukee Metal Fests, Ohio Death Fests, Texas Death Fest, Mayhem Peoria Fests… and more], Europe tour 2015 & 2016, Las Vegas Death Fest ’15, Chicago Domination Fest ’16, Bogota Grind Death Fest (Col) ’16, Sickness In September (Portland, OR.) ’16, Las Vegas Death Fest 10 ’18, Toronto Death Fest (Can) ’18. 

2018- the beast awakens with the most disturbing and sick album to date from these pioneers of brutal porn gore lunacy!



Sacrificial Slaughter

SACRIFICIAL SLAUGHTER has spent over a decade proving themselves to be one of the most dominating underground acts from the United States. Multiple North American and European tours alongside legendary acts such as VADER, MASTER, PESTILENCE, VITAL REMAINS, INTERNAL BLEEDING & many more, multiple headlining tours in Europe and North America. Sacrificial Slaughter has maintained a steady presence in the worldwide metal scene over the years making a 2016 appearance at the world renowned "Obscene Extreme Open Air Festival" in Trutnov, Czech Republic, Netherland’s Deathfest in 2017 as well as several other notable festival appearances in both the United States and Europe.


Devine Defilement

The band was formed in Iceland in 2016 and has since released several EPs that were very well received by the metal underground and is preparing a full-length debut which is going to be released in 2019. Devine Defilement played many shows in Scandinavia and successfully toured Europe in 2017. Their music is filled with groovy riffs, face ripping breakdowns, massive blast beats, vomit-inducing lyrics and will always leave you with a sore neck.



Bowel Evacuation

4 Mann aus Cottbus und Umgebung verschrieben sich Mitte 2011 ganz dem Thema Darmentleerung und deren musikalische Begleitung gepaart mit einer Prise knisternder Erotik.Gegründet wurde Bowel Evacuation vom Dr. Ufta aka Klobürstenschwinger, dem 6 Saiten King Groove aka Wäscheleinenschaukler und dem 4 Saiten Mr. EEEjakulator aka (B)Ass-Hole.Nach dem erfolgreichen Erscheinen der ersten Demo "Runter des Höschen, raus der Dreck" wurde nach kurzer Suche der passende Kotgurgler gefunden. 



Bastards Asylum

Consisting of former members of several local metal and punk bands, Bastard’s Asylum have come together to bring the most aggressive and heavy music found in Southern Wisconsin. Driven by the pummeling percussion, thrashing riffs, blaring solos, low tuned bass and screeching vocals, Bastard’s Asylum bring the aggression live at every show they play. Experienced, driven and determined to succeed, BA is ready to show the world what they’ve got. For fans of Death, Slayer, Obituary and Black Dahlia Murder.