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Escuela Grind (USA)

Six-Score (AUT)

Mo, 22.07.2024, 19:00 UHR, Bar
VA: Rockhouse-Bar
PREISE Vorverkauf: 18.00€
Abendkassa: 22.00€

Escuela Grind

Escuela Grind stitches together a new metallic hardcore monster from the rotten corpses of grindcore and power violence with gleefully unhinged blasts of percussive bombast and chaos. As DIY as the readers of photocopied fanzines and the early outbursts of Terrorizer, Escuela Grind devours the nihilistic anxiety of modern life and vomits back a worldview as challenging as their music. Destructive, yet purposeful, always championing the oppressed, not the oppressor.



Formed in winter 2008 when three dudes decided that it would be the best to undercut the establishment by producing some earsplitting, mind-blasting and money-aristocracy-hating muSick.