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Imperium Dekadenz (GER)

auszaat (AUT)
Saturnists (AUT)

Fr, 17.11.2023, 19:00 UHR, Bar
VA: Rockhouse-Bar
PREISE Vorverkauf: 20.00€
Abendkassa: 25.00€

Imperium Dekadenz

Imperium Dekadenz was founded in the late summer of 2004 by Horaz and Vespasian. Generally the music style is described as atmospheric Black Metal, while also depressive, ambient and acoustic elements are a part of the compositions. The Norwegian bands of the Second Wave of Black Metal in the 90ies are the most influencing actors, as the band describes their roots.



Describing themselves as “Blackened Whatever” they mix Black Metal elements with Sludge, Hardcore, Doom and Post-Metal to create a dark and sinister atmosphere, haunting its listeners and keeping them hostage in a menacing wall of sound.




We took our way unto the nearest woods seating ourselves within a darksome cave such places heavy saturnists do crave where yet the gladsome day has never seen nor phoebus' piercing beams had ever been.