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Infected Rain (MDA)

Daze Affect (AUT)

Mi, 03.07.2024, 19:00 UHR, Bar
VA: Rockhouse-Bar
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Abendkassa: 30.00€

Infected Rain

INFECTED RAIN is a modern metal band that has gained a reputation for their unique and energetic blend of styles, which features female screaming, hard riffs, and electronic sound. Since forming in 2008, they have played numerous concerts in Moldova, Romania, and Ukraine.
The band released their first demo CD at the end of the same year, which consisted of three songs: "With Me," "Parasite," and "No Idols." Over the next two years, they continued to play concerts in the region, and in 2009, they released their first EP, featuring six songs including "Judgmental Trap," "Panika," and "Homeless." Their first music video, "Judgmental Trap," was released in the winter of 2009, and in 2011, they released their debut album, "Asylum," which was followed by a tour in Romania to support the record. INFECTED RAIN continued to gain exposure and collaborations with tours and the release of new music videos for songs like "At the Bottom of the Bottle" and "Me Against You". In 2014, the band released their second album, "Embrace Eternity," and embarked on their first major tour throughout Russia, Ukraine and the whole Europe. They continued to gain momentum in the metal scene with the release of their third album, "86," in 2017, which included hit songs like "Serendipity," "Mold," and "Orphan Soul." After spending 2018 composing new music and touring, INFECTED RAIN announced their signing with Napalm Records in February 2019 and released their first single under the label, "Passerby," accompanied by a music video. This was followed by the release of their fourth album, "Endorphin," in October 2019, which featured songs like "The Earth Mantra," "Lure," and "Storm."After the successful release of "Endorphin," INFECTED RAIN did not rest on their laurels. They went on to create their fifth album called "Ecdysis," which was well-received by their fans and critics alike. The album was released in 2022. As always, Infected Rain's music preferences and individual styles combine to create something new and exciting for their listeners. "Ecdysis" cemented the band's position in the modern metal scene and earned them a dedicated fanbase. Currently, Infected Rain is hard at work on their sixth album, and their fans can't wait to see what they have in store for them next. With their past success, the band has set the bar high for themselves, and their upcoming album is expected to deliver the same level of excellence that their fans have come to expect.


Daze Affect

DAZE AFFECT´s selbstbetitelter #inyourfaceCore besteht aus einer Mischung aus solidem Oldschool- und Melodic Hardcore. Sie vereinen Elemente von Hatebreed, Stick to your Guns und würzen diese mit einer Selbstironie á la Deez Nuts. Dabei legen sie besonderen Wert auf eine enge  Verbundenheit mit der Szene - bei ihren Live-Shows wird jeder in der Front Row mit persönlichem Handschlag begrüßt.