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Inquisition & Rotting Christ & Mystifier & Schamasch
Do, 27.10.2016 / 20:00 / Bar

Inquisition & Rotting Christ & Mystifier & Schamasch

VVK : Capital City Agency / Ö-Ticket / Rockhouse Service Center

Inquisition (COL)
Rotting Christ (GRC)
Mystifier (BRA)
Schammasch (CH)

Inquisition & Rotting Christ preforming “ European Bloodshed Rituals” This autumn.Inquisition & Rotting Christ just finished their new albums and team up for an intense european tour this autumn.Dagon of Inquisition comments:The 2016 European Inquisition headlining tour marks another journey for Inquisition that comes with a new album. We take great pride at selecting artists who are willing and have the time and dedication to share the stage with us while considering what should be a ritualistic experience that goes beyond a music event from uprising bands, to the classic ancients all under one shadow. We invite you to witness Schammasch, Mystifier, Rotting Christ, Inquisition on the Bloodshed Rituals 2016 European tour with the intentions of evoking the essence of occult music while breaking necks in the process of invoking your spirit. ~ Dagon ~Sakis of Rotting Christ Comments:Dear brothers we present you our first European tour for our last album RITUALS.A tour that will include 27 shows in the whole continent  and will be accompanied by 3 great metal Warriors-INQUISITION-MYSTIFIER-SCAMMASCH See you all in the battlefield and let’s make serious hell! – Sakis -
Presented by: Rock Hard, Rock Tribune and Terrorizer.

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